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10 Best Gear Cycles Under 15,000 in India 2019


Searching for the gear best bicycles under 15000 in India? Well, your search ends here. In this post, I have listed top 10 gear cycles which anyone can ride from a small kid to an adult.

All the cycles mentioned in the list are high end and are loaded with a ton of features. Some gear cycles are above 15000 but those are an exception. So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

3 Best Gear Cycles Under 15,000 in India

In-Depth Reviews of Gear Cycles Under 15,000 in India

#1: Cosmic Trium 27.5 (Best MTB Cycle Under 15,000)

Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle (Black)
  • Frame size: 432mm and hi-ten steel
  • Fork: suspension fork, steel, travel 100mm
  • Shifter: shimano ef-51, f/d: shimano tz30 r/d: shimano tx55d

MTB is a well-known company in the bicycle industry, and the Cosmic Trium 27.5 is our top pick from the list. It’s the best gear cycle available under 15000 in India. The cycle is perfect for men having 5.5 – 6-inch height.

Primarily, this bicycle is made for men, but anyone and everyone can ride it with ease. It comes with dual disc brakes to give you cutting-edge braking system.

Moreover, it can easily handle weight up to 100-120 kgs and is perfect for heavy humans.

The bicycle is light as a paper, you can easily lift it and move it to and fro. Additionally, the dark black color with light blue lines gives it a sturdy look. It’s a mountain styled bike and is made more for off-roading.


Talking about the downsides, this won’t be a suitable fit for anyone below 5.5-inch height. Brakes are good, but when you go for a long ride, you’ll struggle big time with the braking system.

Lastly, the steel frame quality on this bicycle is of average quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Can handle weight up to 100-120 kgs
  • Dual disc brake works like a charm
  • Perfect for 5.5 to 6-inch humans


  • Not for people below the 5.5-inch height
  • The steel frame is of average quality
  • Not the best brakes for extreme riding

#2: Cosmic Trium 27.5T (Best Mountain Cycle)

Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle (Black)
  • Frame size: 432mm and hi-ten steel
  • Fork: suspension fork, steel, travel 100mm
  • Shifter: shimano ef-51, f/d: shimano tz30 r/d: shimano tx55d

The MTB Cosmic Trium 27.5T is the successor of Trium 27.5. This bicycle comes with more robust and proper engineering compared to the 27.5. This cycle is perfect for teenagers and adults. The average age group is 15+ years.

It comes with big tires sizing 27.5 inches. It’s perfect for terrain and off-road riding with friends.

Moreover, you can also use it as a hybrid bike to commute and go for a short ride. The front brake is wired whereas the rear brake is a disc brake.


Talking about the flaws, the seat on this bicycle is not very comfortable. Moreover, while riding at a fast speed, the rear wheel makes noise.

The build quality of this cycle is undoubtedly premium as its body is entirely made up of steel. Furthermore, its available in several colors options to choose from. To name a few, you have the black, grey, yellow, white/orange and many more for you to explore.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable for a 6ft tall guy.
  • Well built for Indian roads
  • Impeccable looks


  • The seat is a little uncomfortable
  • The rear wheel is noisy
  • The disc brake is above average

#3: Hero Octane 26T (Best Cycle for Adults)

Hero Octane Dude 26T 21 Speed Mountain Cycle (Red)
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use. Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation.
  • Tire Size : 18 inches | Frame Size : 18 inches
  • Ideal For : Adult - Men | Min Rider Height : 5.5 feet | Max Rider Height : 5.11 feet

As we all know Hero is the heart of the bicycling world. They always make premium products for their customers. Well, the Hero Octane 26T is no exception. The bicycle is perfect for kids, teens, and young adults. The average age to ride this bicycle is 13 years.

It’s a perfect partner for all the 5.4 to 6.4-inch tall guys. And it comes with full 26 inches mountain style tires (perfect for terrain and off roads). The seat is adjustable and gives comfort to your butt.

This is a 21 speed Shimano fast geared cycle. It has a steel frame and front suspension to absorb shocks of rough roads while riding this beast.


  • Good option to go for in this price segment
  • Smooth gears
  • Best in looks and overall durability


  • Poor spokes assembly

#4: Hercules Roadeo A 300 (Best Cycle for Teenagers)

Hercules Roadeo A-300 26T 21 Speed Mountain Bike (White/Black)
  • Frame - designer 6061 alloy frame with over sized head tube
  • Tyres and tubes - innova 26 x 2.0 with av, rim - double wall alloy rims
  • Brakes (front) - disc brake, brakes (rear) - v - brake

Honestly, the Hercules Roadeo A 300 is one of the best selling cycles in India under 15000. It has a 6061 aluminum alloy frame which will improve the strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance of your bicycle.

Talking about the features, it comes with a 21-speed Shimano rapid speed gearing system. The cycle is lightweight with 26 inches large 2.0 AV tires. Now, the sky is the limit. 😛


I’m not impressed with the build quality, and I think it could have been better.

As the chain remains open to the air, it often requires oiling which is suitable for your bicycle but will charge you money every now and then.

Moreover, in the rainy season, the tyre of this bicycle slips so take the safety precautions.


  • Suspensions work well
  • Best gear shifters due to Shimano Revo
  • Perfect for off roads or casual riding


  • Built quality could have been better
  • The open chain needs oiling often
  • Tyre slips in rain

#5. Hercules Roadeo A275 (Best Cycle for 15 Year Old)

Hercules Roadeo A275 Cycle, Adult Large (Blue)
  • Comes in 85% assembled state.
  • Wheel Size - 27.5 inches. Frame Size – 17 inches
  • Alloy Frame,Adjustable seat, PU Saddle

The Hercules Roadeo A275 is similar to A300, but there is quite a bit of change in it. The tires on this bicycle are 27.5 inches which are pretty significant compared to the A300.

It comes with an aluminum alloy frame to keep your bike free from corrosion resistance and stiff.

Talking about the gears, it has a 21-speed gear shifter. The cycle comes in a dark red color giving it a sporty and a professional look.

This is a road bike that can go fast on surface roads. Moreover, they have made the seat adjustable for high comfort and give you the best cycling experience.


A few downsides are, it’s only made for tall guys from 5.9 to 6.3-inch height. And once you buy this cycle, it’s non-returnable.


  • Huge wheels
  • 21 Speed Gears
  • Adjustable Seat


  • Non-returnable

#6: Mongoose Legion L40 (Best Freestyle Bike in India)

Mongoose LSX Boys, 20 -inch (Neon Green)
  • Product groups: toys and games
  • Product type: kids' bikes
  • Colour: neon green

The Mongoose Legion L40 is a different kind of bike. It’s not a geared bike instead it’s more of a freestyle bike. This bike is suitable for kids who are into freestyle riding.

The bike delivers you a fantastic riding experience altogether.

It’s one of the best freestyle cycles available in India under 15000. The bicycle consists of small 20-inch tires that are perfect for freestyle riding and doing stunts.

Moreover, it comes with a wire break on both the front and the rear. The Legion L40 ensures years of riding without any high maintenance.


The bike has only one downside, and that is it’s quite heavy compared to the other bikes on the list.


  • Small tyres to handle


  • Not a gear cycle

#7: Iron Horse Phoenix 1.3 (Best Tall Cycle in India)

The Iron Horse Phoenix is a bike which is perfect for adults and teenagers of 15+ years. Strictly not made of kids below 15 years. It’s a tall bicycle and made only for men and not for women.

You get a wire break on both the front and the rear end. This beast has a modern look with a premium build-quality and is lightweight.

The Iron Horse Phoenix comes at a reasonably less price compared to the other elite brands.

The front suspension of this cycle is enough to absorb all the shock which you’ll come across while riding. Moreover, you also get a 10-day full replacement policy with it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight bike
  • Reasonably priced compared to other elite brands


  • Handlebars might be a little narrow

#8: Hercules TZ110 (Best Cycle for Kids)

Hercules Topgear Tz110 (Red, With Disc)
  • Own The Streets! Introducing the coolest bike in town!
  • FRAME-Sporty and stylish frame with low inseam height
  • HEAD TUBE-Broad head tube with branded cap fittings

The Hercules TZ110 is a perfect bicycle for all kids and teenagers of 5.1 to 5.8-inch height.

It is an 18-speed gear cycle good for those who are buying their first gear cycle. Moreover, this cycle gives you a relaxing feel while riding it casually and comes with an adjustable seat.

The cycle is primarily made for small commutes and rides as it only has an 18-speed gear system. Moreover, the product is non-returnable.


  • 26-inch wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Made for casual rides


  • Fewer gears compared to other bicycles in the list
  • Non-returnable

#9. Cosmic 26T (Best Cycle for Teenagers Above 15 Yrs)

Cosmic Flamingo 26T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle (Red)
  • Frame: Alloy
  • Front suspension: Zoom suspension
  • Shifters: Shimano ef51, 7x3 speed

This is a premium bike which is suitable for all short people who wants to enjoy fantastic riding and gear experience. The recommended age to use this cycle is 15+ years. It comes with a 21 gear Revo Shifters to give you faster gear shifts and move at a faster pace.

It also comes with a plastic bottle and a stand and overall the bicycle looks very premium and sturdy in design. It has the best seat adjustment bolt from our list of best cycles under 15000 in India.


A couple of things which I didn’t like about this cycle are, it has not the best suspension to absorb shock while riding.

The bicycle is slightly on the expensive side compared to others on the list. Lastly, the cycle isn’t easy to assemble you need an expert to assemble it for you.

Do note that, it comes with a ten-day replacement policy and a full one-year domestic warranty.


  • Smooth gear shift
  • Looks premium and sturdy
  • Best seat adjustment bolt


  • Not the best suspension
  • Slightly expensive compared to others
  • You need an expert to assemble if for you

#10: Cosmic 26T Flash (Best Gear Cycle)

Cosmic Flash 26T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle (Black/Orange)
  • This bicycle sports an alloy frame with very attractive frame design and colourful graphics
  • High end shimano gear system
  • Double-wall alloy rim

Cosmic 26T is an adventurous riding bike comes in a decent light blue color with a 21-speed Shimano gear system to give your full security while riding.

The Cosmic 26T is a fantastic looking gear bike under 15000 in India which you shouldn’t miss out if you have the budget to buy.

Moreover, it has a steel frame material and front suspension to keep you safe from unexpected potholes on the roads.

The 26-inch tires are perfect to go on for a mountain ride with your friends. The U shaped mudguards are made to keep your cycle free from dirt.

You get a wire brake at the front whereas at the rear you get a disc brake. A perfect combination of mountain bikes and road bike is what you’ll experience with this beast.


  • 21 speed Shimano gear system
  • Perfect off-road bike under 15000



I hope you liked this article on ten best gear cycles available in India. If you did, don’t forget to leave a comment down below as it helps me create more such awesome content for your guys.


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  • October 3, 2018 at 8:07 am
    Aditya Bhattacharya


    I’m looking for a bicycle under 10 k (15 max). My commute will be 12-15 km 6 days a week in the city. What I want is my ride to be fast, smooth and preferably single speed. I request you to please suggest me a few options. I’m 24 years old.

    • October 3, 2018 at 8:23 am
      Fitness Goal

      Hey Aditya,

      I have this two options from you:

      I’d personally recommend you to go with the Cosmic Trium 27.5T (https://amzn.to/2DTShRs) if you can spend 15k INR. It’s comfortable and can be a good partner for your daily commute. Also, as you’re 24 yrs old this will look fantastic on you. 🙂

      Another option that I have for you is the Hero Octane 26T (https://amzn.to/2Rl3uNm) this will fit in your budget if it’s between 10-13k INR.

      Both are good products you can decide on the money you’d like to spend.

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