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Yoga Bar Review: My Honest Answer Should You Buy it or Not?


If you are someone who loves to travel but at the same time wants to keep their body in shape, this is exactly what you need.

You need a protein bar.

Because you cannot carry your 5lbs big protein jar when you are traveling, right?

There are thousands of companies who make protein powders, but not all of them makes a protein bar.

Well, you won’t find a protein bar from Optimum Nutrition (ON) or Ultimate Nutrition (UN) anywhere on the globe. That doesn’t make them bad or useless.

In fact, these protein bars are the best way to get protein even when you are chilling on a beach.

In this article, I’m about to share my experience with you guys on Yoga Bar Review.

As the name says, “Yoga” surprisingly, it has nothing to do with yoga. You can take it even if you are someone like me who doesn’t compete but still wants to keep their daily protein intake proper and balanced.

Yogabar 20 gram Protein Bar Variety Box - 6 x 60 g (Single Pack)
  • 20g of complete protein
  • 10g Fiber - both prebiotic and dietary
  • 100% natural ingredients

In-Depth Yoga Bar Review

Yoga Bar Description

The company was started back in August 2016 by two sisters Suhasini and Anandita Sampat Kumar.

This protein bar from Yoga gives you 20-22 gms of protein in each bar. Surprisingly, not only protein, you also get Omega 3 (300mg), fiber (10gms) and calcium.

These bars are made for people who need a healthy snack on the go where they can consume easy protein and keep their body full for a longer period of time.

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar alcohols and soy protein.

This is a perfect solution for high-quality balanced nutrition.

Yoga Bar Nutritional Value

One bar weighs around 60gms that has 260 calories with 20gms of protein. This is a natural bar and contains no added preservatives.

Here is the exact nutritional value of Yoga bar for all the fitness enthusiast.

  • 20 gms of protein
  • 10 gm of fiber
  • 300 mg of Omega 3s
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No soy protein
  • ~19 gms carbs of which Dietary Fat is 10.5 gms and Sugar is 5.5 gms (~ is for approx)
  • ~14 gms Fat of which saturated fat is 2.5 gms
  • Gluten free

Yoga Bar Flavors

Currently, at the time of writing this review Yoga protein bar is available in four flavors

  • Baked brownie
  • Cranberry Blast
  • Almond Fudge
  • Hazelnut Toffee

What’s Inside the Yoga Protein Bar Box?

You’ll get 6 (60gms) different flavors yummy protein bars in one box.

Yogabar 20 gram Protein Bar Variety Box - 6 x 60 g (Single Pack)
  • 20g of complete protein
  • 10g Fiber - both prebiotic and dietary
  • 100% natural ingredients


Let’s face it

Protein Bars are primarily made to give you good taste, and the Yoga protein bar is no exception.

It tastes fantastic.

As there are no added flavors, it won’t affect your health by any means.

It tastes more or less like a sweet chikki. The only difference here is this is a healthy Indian chikki which can help you build stronger muscles.


Honestly, if you are into weight loss, then this protein bar will not help. In fact, no protein bar can help you to reach your ultimate goal.

Let me tell you why.

The carbs and sugar content in every protein bars are high, and it will only restrict you to cut down fat from your body.

Also, for serious bodybuilders, this is not the only thing you should rely upon. Your first priority should be pure whey protein powder.

As I mentioned earlier, protein bars are for those who travel a lot or want some taste while consuming protein.

Talking about the overall effectiveness, well, it’s a nice addition to add in your regular diet.


The main purpose of the Yoga protein bar is to give your body protein.

In my opinion, it does the job pretty well. The protein in this is high-quality whey protein which is exactly what your body needs after intense workout sessions.

Moreover, it’s made out of natural ingredients like whole grains, nuts, seeds, millets and blended with dates and honey so you shouldn’t worry about this negatively affecting your body.

Yogabar 20 gram Protein Bar Variety Box - 6 x 60 g (Single Pack)
  • 20g of complete protein
  • 10g Fiber - both prebiotic and dietary
  • 100% natural ingredients

Side Effects

There is no probable side effect to this.

It’s a gluten-free bar and has no added flavors. Moreover, it helps increase your metabolism.

Mainly, it’s made for adults. However, children can also consume it for their daily protein intake.

The only concern is the added sugar that comes with the bars. If you are a diabetic patient, I’d highly recommend you to consult a doctor before consuming these protein bars.

Yoga Bar Price

This is not super cheap and not very expensive either.

If you are someone who can afford whey protein powder, I think you’ll be able to afford protein bars as well.

At the time of writing this review, the Yoga protein bar costs you 700 INR for 6 bars.

If you count the cost of an individual bar, it will come out as 117 Indian rupees.

I know it’s expensive. But hey, you are also getting high-quality protein at the go that too in fantastic taste.

Should You Buy Yoga Bar?

If you love eating tasty food and still don’t want to compromise on your nutrition, you should buy the Yoga bars right away. You’ll love it and buy them again and again.

It’s a complete value for money.

It’s handy and easy to carry anywhere you want.

However, do note that I wouldn’t recommend you this if you are a diabetic patient or are following a weight loss program/diet. As the sugar and carbs content is a little spiked up, it won’t really help you guys in achieving your goals.

Overall Review

From my side, I’ll give 8.5 out of 10 to protein bars from Yoga. It’s a high-quality product and comes at a very affordable price. The only reason for cutting 1.5 points is the sugar content. Well, that is completely okay with a normal gym going guy or girl.

Yogabar 20 gram Protein Bar Variety Box - 6 x 60 g (Single Pack)
  • 20g of complete protein
  • 10g Fiber - both prebiotic and dietary
  • 100% natural ingredients

Protein Bar FAQ

Should I take protein bar before or after the workout?
Anytime you feel comfortable. If you take it before the workout, it will give you strength during your workout session as it contains carbs, protein and other fibers that are made from natural ingredients. If you take it after the workout, the combination of protein and carbs will help your body recover muscles faster.
Why I need a protein bar?
Well, a protein bar is no different than your actual whey protein. The only reason anyone needs a protein bar is convenience. It’s easy to carry around anywhere you want to.
Can I take protein bar if I don’t do the workout?
Yes, you can. As our body requires a daily intake of protein. It’s completely safe and healthy to consume protein bars even if you don’t do weightlifting and heavy workouts.
Are protein bars safe for health?
It’s 100% safe as it is made of natural ingredients like whole grains, nuts, seeds, millets and blended with dates and honey.
Are protein bars equivalent to whey protein in jars?
Not really. You cannot compare a pure whey protein in a jar with a protein bar. Whey bottled protein has a high biological value of protein compared to the bars.
Can a protein bar make me fat?
If taken excessively yes it can make you fat. As it has saturated fats and high carbs which your body store as fat in the long run. This won’t be an issue if you do heavy workout daily.
Can protein bars cause diarrhea?
Not in all cases. However, if you have lactose intolerance than chances are you might feel stomach upsetness.
Are protein bars good for losing weight?
No, it’s not recommended to have protein bars if you are on a weight loss diet or following a weight loss workout program.
Can protein bars be my meal replacement?
Nah, it’s not made to replace your meal. It’s a handy snack to carry anywhere around. There is no meal replacement available on the market yet.
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